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Child Injuries

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The National Safety Council states that injury, rather than illness, is the leading cause of death for children and young adults. Children are active. Injuries can happen year round. From swimming pool, trampoline, and athletic field accidents in the summer to school bus, sledding, and playground accidents in the fall – injuries can happen at any time.No parent wants to get a phone call that their child has been injured in an accident. Teaching children how to avoid dangerous situations can go a long way in protecting them from harm. Burns, drowning, falls, poisoning, and car crashes are the most common sources of injury for children ages 1-14. Taking the right safety precautions around your home and educating your child about basic first aid can help reduce the likelihood of injuries.Your child spends a lot of his or her time away from home at daycare or at school. The potential for injuries can be high if there is a lack of supervision or high number of distractions. School bus crashes can cause serious injuries. The lack of seatbelts on older school buses puts passengers at risk to be thrown from their seats, or possibly ejected from the vehicle, during a collision.Head injuries, strangulation, and broken bones can all result from defective, damaged, or unsafe playground equipment. Equipment that is not properly tested can pose hazards such as tipping, collapsing, or pinching which can lead to serious injury for children.If your child is injured because of someone’s negligence, you need an attorney who has experience with personal injury claims who can provide reliable legal advice. Broken bones, internal injuries, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries can lead to life-long impairment. An experienced child injury lawyer can fight for you and your child’s rights to obtain a settlement, or take the case to court when necessary, to help you get compensation for medical bills and treatment.

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Serious child injuries can have a significant impact on the child’s quality of life. Proper medical treatment and rehabilitative services can go a long way in helping your child recover from their injury. Help from an experienced child injury lawyer can go a long way in helping you receive compensation from the negligent party that will be needed to pay for your child’s care.

Your Rights

Cohen & Malad, LLP has been fighting for the rights of personal injury victims, big and small, for over 40 years. Our skilled attorneys have litigated serious child injury claims dealing with a variety of damages. If your child has suffered an injury as a result of someone’s negligence contact us to learn of your legal rights and options.