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Your child spends a majority of their time at school. Between academics, extra-curricular activities, and organizational meetings, the school grounds can seem like a second home to many students. Because of the enormous amount of time that is spent at school, it is important that the environment be safe for your child.

Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere. Some of the most common injuries that happen to children in school involve sporting events, school bus accidents, and playground accidents. Older children may also be at risk for injuries by using power tools in shop classes or by using chemicals and equipment in science labs.

Playground accidents can be very serious in nature. Injuries from falling off of playground equipment can include broken bones, concussions, or internal injuries. School administrators can help to reduce risk of playground injuries on school grounds by monitoring activities during recess and providing timely maintenance of equipment.

One way to help prevent accidents in the classroom is to ensure that students are made aware of proper safety precautions. Fire drills, tornado drills, and building evacuation plans help teach children what to do in the event of an emergency. Other helpful precautions include educating students regarding the proper use of equipment that may be used in a classroom such as power tools that are used in shop classes and chemicals and instruments that are used in science labs. By taking the time to demonstrate the correct way to use machinery, school personnel can help to reduce the risk of student injury.

School personnel are responsible for providing a safe environment for learning and can do this in several ways. Ensuring the safety of the facilities is one way to protect children from harm. Falls can happen when students trip over electrical cords, uneven sidewalks and pavement, and improperly installed carpet. Regular building maintenance along with the testing of emergency response via fire drills and tornado drills can help provide a safe environment for students. Supervision of the students can also help to reduce student-on-student violence. Enforcing a uniform set of rules and administering appropriate disciplinary procedures can help prevent problems from escalating.

Concern about student on student violence has escalated in the past several years. Since the tragic shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado, the issue of school safety and student on student violence has become a common conversation in many communities. School boards and administrators have developed policies and procedures designed to help ensure the safety of students such as zero tolerance bullying policies and emergency evacuation procedures.

Your Rights

Your child’s school grounds should be a safe environment that encourages learning. If your child or the child of someone you care about has been injured on school property, contact us. Our Indianapolis child injury attorneys have experience in litigating personal injury claims and are available to advise you of your legal rights and options. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your child injury claim and will not collect any legal fees until you receive compensation.