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Swimming Pool Accidents

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning ranks as the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. Each day about ten people die from drowning with two of those fatalities being children aged 14 or younger.

Serious injury is often associated with swimming pool accidents. Diving or jumping into shallow water can lead to brain and spinal cord injuries as a child could strike his head, neck, or back on the side or bottom of the pool. Your child could become paralyzed as a result of an injury of this type.

The potential for a slip and fall injury near a pool is extremely high as children may run or chase each other around the pool where water often puddles making for a slick surface. A child could fall and strike their head against the side of the pool and fall into the water. This is a very serious situation which could be made worse with a lack of adult supervision.

Swimming pool drains can also contribute to child injuries as the strong suction that is often created around drains can entrap a child. Hair, swimsuits, and hands or feet could become trapped in the drain keeping a child under the water long enough to drown.

A child’s lack of swimming ability can also lead to a serious injury. Children who become swept into deep water, fall into a pool, or use inappropriate safety devices could find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Pool covers are often used to protect the swimming pool from debris but do not offer protection to a child who walks onto one. These covers can become loosened entrapping the child and creating a great risk for drowning.

There are many ways to keep a child from becoming the victim of a swimming pool accident. Fences can help keep children from entering a swimming pool. Pool owners should be sure to install a fence that is high enough to keep children out along with secure locks on the gates. Protective covers can be placed over pool drains to lessen the suction that is created around them making the environment safe for children. Adult supervision is also a great way to reduce the risk of severe injury as they can enforce rules to help protect all children while swimming.

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If your child has suffered a serious swimming pool injury, contact us. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys have experience litigating claims for children and adults who have been injured due to a swimming pool accident. We will fight hard to negotiate a settlement and can take your case to trial if necessary to help you obtain compensation for your child’s injuries. There is no charge for your initial consultation and we will not collect legal fees until you win your claim.