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Sledding Accidents

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Sledding, skiing, and snowboarding are very popular outdoor winter activities that also bring with them an increased risk for injury. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has been compiling statistics of sledding related accidents over the past several decades in an effort to educate people and reduce the risk of injury.

Child injury statistics for sled accidents cite an average of 80,000 ER visits each year. The severity of the injuries ranges from cuts and bruises to fractures, concussions, and internal injuries. Often children are not aware of what dangers may be hidden by a thick blanket of snow. Tree stumps, large rocks, and roadways may become covered in snow and could cause serious injury if a child’s toboggan, inner tube, or sled collides with them.

Many factors can increase the risk for a sledding accident. Steering toboggans, inner tubes, and saucer sleds is extremely difficult and often requires a great deal of strength and coordination—something that smaller children lack. Speed is also a factor in many accidents. The heavier the rider, the faster the sled will go. Sleds can reach up to 25 mph depending on conditions. This high rate of speed cuts down on reaction time as a child will often have a split second to attempt to avoid a collision with an object in their path, whether that be a car, tree, or another child on a sled. Visibility is another safety concern for children who sled. It is important to wear bright, reflective clothing that does not impair vision. This helps ensure that other sledders can see each other as well as vehicles that may be nearby.

One study done by the journal of Pediatrics cited that collision injuries were most likely to result in a traumatic brain injury. It found that 34% of sledding injuries involved a blow to the head. It has been recommended that children wear a helmet when sledding in order to protect them from injury in the event of a collision or fall from the sled.

Many tragic stories are shared in the media about sledding accidents that involve collisions with vehicles as a child mistakenly sleds onto a roadway. Other major accidents involve high rates of speed and a head on collision with a fence, tree, or other object. Often in these cases, the child was not wearing a helmet or other protective gear which could have helped them to avoid a concussion or worse injury.

The best way to reduce the likelihood of a sledding accident is to include adult supervision, the use of helmets, and the identification of a safe sledding area which can help keep children safe.

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If your child is injured in a sledding accident, contact us. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys have experience with these claims and can help you obtain compensation for your child’s injuries. Hospital care and physical therapy can be expensive, but necessary to help your child heal from the trauma of a sledding injury. Our attorneys will fight for your claim and will aggressively negotiate a settlement on your behalf or take your claim to court if necessary. When it comes to the welfare of your child, we can help give Power to Your Voice.