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The Impact of IndyGo Red Line Project for Broad Ripple Property Owners

By: J. Eric Rochford, Indianapolis Eminent Domain Attorney The City of Indianapolis’ most recent effort in “rapid transit” is the IndyGo Red Line.  Phase 1 of this project is estimated to cost $96 million.  It will travel from 71st & College Avenue in Broad Ripple, along 38th Street, down Meridian Street, through Fountain Square and… Continue Reading »

How to Read a Right-Of-Way Appraisal

By: J. Eric Rochford, Attorney If you’ve ever bought or sold a home or any type of real estate, you have almost certainly seen (and hopefully) read a real estate appraisal. Typically, appraisals are in the standard 6-page Uniform Residential Appraisal Report format. However, appraisals for eminent domain/condemnation purposes Right-of-Way (“ROW appraisals”) are much different. Right-of-Way… Continue Reading »

How much does it cost to hire an eminent domain attorney?

By: J. Eric Rochford, Attorney Landowners are often concerned that they can’t afford to hire an attorney or that, if they do hire an attorney, the attorney will take most of the settlement proceeds. This is not the case with contingent fees in eminent domain cases. These fee agreements have become commonplace as potential clients prefer… Continue Reading »

Eminent Domain Answers for Landowners

By: J. Eric Rochford, Attorney The idea that the federal government can seize your private property sounds unfair. However, the United States Constitution gives the government the right to do just that as long as it is in the interest of the public to do so. What rights do landowners have when the government invokes… Continue Reading »