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In an instant a careless driver can change your life. Our car accident personal injury lawyers are here in Indianapolis, Indiana, to fight for you. Cohen & Malad, LLP has been helping people collect full and fair compensation through jury verdicts and settlements for over 40 years.

Car crashes involving serious injuries such as spinal cord, head trauma, or fatalities require strong legal counsel with the resources and expertise to secure the highest amount of compensation possible. Our firm not only has experienced vehicle injury lawyers, we also have a network of experts that assist us with accident reconstruction and medical opinions to maximize recovery for your claim.

Whether you have been injured by a drunk driver, an uninsured or underinsured motorist, or by someone who ran a red light our Indiana car wreck attorneys have the experience to represent you in court. Injuries sustained from rear impact, side impact, and head-on collisions can be very serious and may sometimes lead to death. Our Indianapolis personal injury car accident lawyers have the skill to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries to help you recover from the accident.

Some car and truck collisions do not involve other cars but are instead a result of other factors such as lane obstructions, construction zones, poorly designed roadways or signage, or automotive defects. We have experience helping clients with claims involving injuries suffered in one vehicle collisions.

We give Power to Your Voice in court and have helped thousands of Hoosiers and Indiana families recover compensation for their injuries and damages.

Serving You

Your case is important to us. We work with experts in accident reconstruction and design engineers to help identify crash factors, illustrate the collision, and prove your claim. Our attorneys will use their best efforts to get your claim resolved without litigation. Early settlement, as long as the compensation is reasonable, will save you money, and help you put the collision behind you so you can focus on your recovery.

Sometimes negotiations break down. Many insurance companies do not negotiate reasonably, and our Indianapolis car accident lawyers can tell you when litigation is the best option. When this happens, our attorneys are ready to represent your case in court. We work hard to get you the highest possible compensation for your claim whether it ultimately comes from a jury verdict or settlement. Once your case settles, we will also help to negotiate with medical providers, insurance company lienholders, and government insurance (Medicare and Medicaid) to maximize your settlement.

Clients turn to us when they need an Indianapolis auto accident injury attorney who not only has the legal expertise and experience to take a case to trial if necessary, but who always has the time to sit down with the client and explain the pros and cons of their case and discuss options going forward in an easy to understand way.

If you or a family member has been injured in a car wreck, Contact us right away for a free consultation. If you are unable to come to us, we will come to you. We represent people who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents recover full compensation in accidents that resulted in wrongful death.

Your Rights

Our firm has represented clients in nearly every county in Indiana. From South Bend to Evansville and all counties in between, our firm has a history of helping fellow Hoosiers. Our personal injury expertise also extends beyond the Indiana state line. We have represented thousands of people throughout the nation in personal injury and car accident lawsuits. If you are injured outside of the state of Indiana, we can represent you through excellent working relationships that we have with reputable attorneys throughout the country. Power to Your Voice has no boundaries.