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Modifications in Custody, Parenting Time, & Child Support

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A divorce is a permanent action that ends a marriage. This legal action not only dissolves the marriage but also includes instruction as to how marital assets will be divided, a child custody agreement, a child support or spousal maintenance agreement, and a parenting time agreement–if children were a part of the marriage.  As circumstances change, it may be necessary to petition the court to modify one or more of the agreements that were included in the divorce decree. These modifications may be necessary to provide for the best interest of the children.

Modification of Child Support

It may be necessary to request a modification in child support. A change in the income level of the parents, whether that be an increase or decrease in pay or job loss, may make it necessary to petition the court to modify the child support order. To request a modification of child support in Indiana, specific requirements must be met. Every situation is different and you should seek the assistance of an experienced Indianapolis family law attorney to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding child support modifications.

Modification of Child Custody

For the court to consider a modification in a child custody order, it will require that there be a substantial change in circumstances. One of the most common reasons for requesting a modification of child custody is when one parent wants to move their place of residence. When this happens, the parent making the request is responsible for providing the court a reasonable explanation for the request.  Other reasons for seeking a child custody modification request can include the child’s wishes, domestic violence, substance abuse by either the parent or the child, or if the child is having trouble in school.

Modification of Parenting Time

A request to modify the parenting plan or the parenting time agreement may be considered by the court based on a substantial change in circumstances of one or both parents. A custody change can also make it necessary to change the parenting plan.
It is important to note that prior to the request for modification of a child support, child custody, or parenting time agreement is granted by the court, that both parties have a responsibility to adhere to the information outlined in the divorce decree or prior modification.

Your Rights

As time goes on, situations may change and you may need to petition to change the child custody, parenting time, or child support order. When this happens, you need an experienced Indiana divorce attorney who can not only advise you of your legal rights and options but can take your fight to court.

We have the experience to help you. Our Indianapolis divorce lawyers regularly represent clients seeking modifications. Because most of the family law disputes we handle are complex in nature, we have developed a considerable skill at litigating issues involving custody, parenting time & support. Contact us by phone at 317-636-6481 or submit your information now to talk to one of our family law attorneys.