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Child Custody

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If you are considering divorce or are in the process of ending a relationship, you are no doubt thinking about your children and who will have custody of them. While you are working through this issue with the child’s other parent, it is important for both of you to focus on what is in the best interest of your child.

Legal v. Physical Custody

There are two main types of custody—legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody is the right to make major decisions involved in raising a child. These decisions include education, health care, and religious upbringing. When two people divorce, it is common for the court to award joint legal custody. This means that both parents will decide together how to raise the child even though the parents are no longer married or living in the same home.

Most people think of physical custody when it comes to matters of divorce. Physical custody can be defined as the child’s primary place of residence. Physical custody arrangements can vary based on what is in the best interest of the child. Joint physical custody means that the child will share time between the two households.

It is possible for two people to share joint legal custody of a child while one of the parents maintains sole physical custody. Every situation is different. You should speak to an experienced Indianapolis child custody attorney to understand your Indiana child custody rights and options. In the event a dispute over custody arises, the parties can seek a custody evaluation.

Parenting Time Guidelines

Child custody should also include discussions about parenting time arrangements which serve the child’s best interests. Regardless of physical custody decisions, it is possible for both parents to remain an active part of a child’s life through the creation of a mutually beneficial parenting time arrangement.

The state created a set of guidelines to help ensure that in the case of divorce or the ending of a relationship between biological parents, that a child’s best interests are considered. Our Indianapolis family law attorneys are well-versed in the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines and can discuss your legal rights regarding these guidelines.

Child custody and parenting time agreements are included in a divorce decree. However, these child custody, parenting time agreements, and orders can be modified if circumstances change that may damage what is considered to be in the child’s best interest. If you have questions about an existing parenting time agreement or child custody status, you should speak with an Indiana family law attorney who has experience with custody issues and parenting time agreements.

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If you are considering divorce or would like to request a modification of child custody or parenting time, our experienced Indiana family law attorneys can help. We have represented numerous clients in complex child custody issues both in court and in negotiations with opposing counsel. If you are considering a divorce or are working through child custody issues contact our family law attorneys today to discuss your legal options.