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Child support is the financial contribution that a parent makes toward the costs of raising their minor child. Child support obligations are included in a divorce decree or separate court order.

The issue of child support raises many questions. How much support will be paid? How often will money be received? How long will support be paid?

How Much Indiana Child Support Do I Have to Pay?

The amount that a parent will need to pay for child support varies for each individual. Indiana child support guidelines take into consideration assets, income, child care expense, health care costs, education costs, and many other factors. If you are concerned about child support payment issues, you should speak to an experienced family law attorney to obtain legal advice specific to your situation.

How Often Will I Receive Child Support Payments?

Court ordered child support can be withheld from the non-custodial parent’s paycheck and directed to the Child Support Division for prompt payment to the other parent. These payments can vary based on the frequency the non-custodial parent is paid.

Child Emancipation in Indiana

For the purposes of child support, a child is considered emancipated – or no longer a legal obligation to their parents — at 19 years of age. At that time, child support payments will stop.

Indiana Child Support Payments and College Expenses

The cost of higher education is expensive. Each parent as well as the child should evaluate the total cost of education and what they can contribute in order to determine a budget. In Indiana, the child is emancipated at the age of 19, which means that child support payments will end. However, if funds are needed for educational expenses, the court can be petitioned for these payments. Current Indiana law requires that this petition be filed with the court before the child reaches 19 years of age. Even if an informal agreement has been established between parents, it is important to file the petition with the court to ensure the payment plan is enforced.

Enforcement of Child Support

An order for child support is usually enforced via wage withholding by the non-custodial parent’s employer. The funds are sent to the court which will then distribute the money to the custodial parent. If the non-custodial spouse changes employers, they are responsible to report this information to the courts to continue payment of support. Failure to pay court ordered child support can result in a variety of collection efforts including placing a lien on property owned by the non-custodial parent, garnishment of the non-custodial parent’s tax return, or revoking a state-issued driver’s license.

Indianapolis Child Support Lawyers Serving You

Child support issues can cause a great deal of stress for both parties. If you are concerned about obtaining or paying child support, contact our Indianapolis family law child support attorneys who can advise you of your legal rights and options. Every case is different and our attorneys have the knowledge and experience in handling contentious issues and will give a power to your voice.