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Divorce is never easy. It gets more difficult when parties do not agree on division of assets or custody issues. Our Family Law Practice Group is chaired by partner Brian Zoeller, who is a Family Law Certification Board Certified Family Law Specialist and has considerable experience with contested divorce, paternity, and child custody actions. An attorney can earn a family law specialist certification by meeting several requirements including passing a written examination, submitting character references, and handling a satisfactory amount of family law legal matters. Indianapolis family law attorney and fellow partner Julie Andrews also has extensive experience in high asset and complex divorce matters.

What makes a case complex?

Several factors can make a divorce more complex to negotiate or litigate. One example of a complex issue is when the two parties cannot come to an agreement on child custody or child support issues. If neither party is willing to compromise, the legal process can become more difficult. Another example could involve a spouse making accusations regarding domestic or child abuse. In these instances, the accusation will need to be investigated before the divorce can proceed.

Some types of assets are more complex and require a higher degree of scrutiny in order to determine how to divide the value between the divorcing parties. If your situation involves complex asset portfolios including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement investments, and real estate, it may be necessary for your attorney to consult with a tax accountant to value the assets.

If one or both of the spouses own a business, the divorce proceedings can become more difficult to navigate. The business will have to be valued and decisions will need to be made about the future ownership and management of the business if it is owned by both parties. Disagreements about business ownership issues can greatly impact the legal process of divorce.

In some cases, hidden assets may be discovered which can also make a dissolution of marriage more difficult. A forensic accountant and other finance professionals can be hired to value the account and provide advice regarding taxation issues.

Your Rights

High net-worth, complex asset portfolios, and child custody disputes are issues that our Indianapolis family law attorneys frequently litigate for our clients. In addition to navigating the usual issues that often arise during divorce proceedings, you may also need an expert financial analysis on your business, retirement assets, or investments which are included in the marital estate. Our family law divorce attorneys have access to experts who can help evaluate your entire estate to ensure that all marital assets are appropriately accounted for.

In contested divorce proceedings, it is imperative that you know your legal options and retain the services of an Indiana divorce lawyer who has the skill to litigate your case. While negotiation is often the first method used when seeking resolution, our attorneys are have a great deal of trial experience and have the skill to represent your matter in a court of law and will fight for the best possible outcome. Fill out our free, no-obligation online contact form, or call our office at 317-636-6481 to speak to one of our family law attorneys now to understand your legal rights and options.