November 2016 - Cohen & Malad, LLP

How much does it cost to hire an eminent domain attorney?

By: J. Eric Rochford, Attorney Landowners are often concerned that they can’t afford to hire an attorney or that, if they do hire an attorney, the attorney will take most of the settlement proceeds. This is not the case with contingent fees in eminent domain cases. These fee agreements have become commonplace as potential clients prefer… Continue Reading »

The Indiana Appellate Rules Do Not Allow Exhibits in the Appendix or Citations in Footnotes

By: Arend J. Abel, Attorney [November 17, 2016]– The Indiana Court of Appeals issued an opinion today in which it said Exhibits should not be put in the Appendix.  Sperro, LLC v. Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC.  In footnote 4 of the opinion, the Court said: “Appellants’ and FMCC’s appendices do not comply with the… Continue Reading »

How is just compensation determined in an eminent domain matter?

By: J. Eric Rochford, Attorney Landowners who face having their land taken by the government for a public project such as a highway, utility easement, or school building have likely heard the term “just compensation”. But what exactly does “just compensation” mean to a landowner? The U.S. Constitution holds the answer (specifically the Fifth Amendment… Continue Reading »