The Indiana Appellate Rules Do Not Allow Exhibits in the Appendix or Citations in Footnotes

By: Arend J. Abel, Attorney [November 17, 2016]– The Indiana Court of Appeals issued an opinion today in which it said Exhibits should not be put in the Appendix.  Sperro, LLC v. Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC.  In footnote 4 of the opinion, the Court said: “Appellants’ and FMCC’s appendices do not comply with the… Continue Reading »

What Creditors Don’t Know Can’t Help You: Indiana Court of Appeals Holds Ex Spouse Liable for Business Debt

Learn more about our Business Litigation practice and attorneys In a published opinion, the Indiana Court of Appeals taught a costly lesson to the former spouse of a business owner, and it’s one everyone involved in a small business (and their creditors) should heed. By failing to notify his former spouse’s landlord that his partnership… Continue Reading »