September 2013 - Cohen & Malad, LLP

Prenups Can Help the Millennial Generation Too

Family Law It seems like everyone is talking about Generation Y, or Millennials, and how they will be impacting the workforce and society in general in the next few years. Demographers estimate this generation to be the largest population cohort the U.S. has ever seen. Generation Y is defined as people born between 1983-2000, although… Continue Reading »

3 Reasons NOT to File Divorce On Your Own

by: Brian K. Zoeller, Attorney Do-it-yourself projects can be found all over cable television. Celebrity chefs show us how to create the most amazing meals to wow our family and friends. Contractors design and create the perfect backyard landscaping project within short timeframes and assure us that with a little knowledge and several extra pairs… Continue Reading »

3-D Printing, Medical Devices, and the FDA

by: Jeff S. Gibson, Attorney A considerable amount of buzz has surrounded the use of 3-D printing technology lately. Forbes magazine recently reported on Wall Street investors’ increasing interests in 3-D printing companies and the anticipated growth of the industry. Medical science has also reported stories of lives being saved or improved by the use of 3-D printed medical devices…. Continue Reading »