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What is an Order of Protection?

By: Casandra L. Ringlespaugh, Attorney The Indiana Civil Protection Order Act, or ICPOA, is a set of laws passed Indiana in 2002 in regards to domestic and family violence. Under the ICPOA, Courts can issue Orders to protect people from domestic or family violence, stalking, or a sex offense. These Court Orders are called “Protection… Continue Reading »

Catholic Pope Amends Religious Annulment Process — What is the difference between a religious and civil annulment?

By: Elizabeth A. Eichholtz, Attorney Pope Francis announced on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 that the Catholic Church is changing the religious annulment process . The amendments make the process easier and cheaper for individuals seeking an annulment. What does this mean for Indiana couples who were married in the Catholic Church and are now seeking… Continue Reading »

Emancipation and Child Support Issues for Incapacitated Children Pose Challenges for Parents

By: Julie Andrews, Attorney A few years ago, the legislature passed a law that changed the age of emancipation in Indiana. Children are emancipated at age 19. The legal effect of this is that parents no longer have a legal obligation to financially support children once they attain 19 years of age. But what happens… Continue Reading »

The Costs of Delaying Marriage

Visit our Family Law practice If you take inventory of your friends’ relationships you will most likely find a few couples that are living together. Cohabitation can often mean joint bank accounts, joint purchases, joint contracting, joint debts, and of course, joint puppy or kitten purchasing.  All of these joint transactions can have legal implications… Continue Reading »

Prenups Can Help the Millennial Generation Too

Family Law It seems like everyone is talking about Generation Y, or Millennials, and how they will be impacting the workforce and society in general in the next few years. Demographers estimate this generation to be the largest population cohort the U.S. has ever seen. Generation Y is defined as people born between 1983-2000, although… Continue Reading »

3 Reasons NOT to File Divorce On Your Own

by: Brian K. Zoeller, Attorney Do-it-yourself projects can be found all over cable television. Celebrity chefs show us how to create the most amazing meals to wow our family and friends. Contractors design and create the perfect backyard landscaping project within short timeframes and assure us that with a little knowledge and several extra pairs… Continue Reading »

Who Gets the Dog: How Pet Custody Works

by: Brian K. Zoeller, Attorney Custody disputes often play a part in divorce proceedings. Even though the marriage is ending, a couple may have children to raise and want to remain active parents and do what is in the best interest of the child. Joint custody is a popular choice for many parents and allows… Continue Reading »