August 2012 - Cohen & Malad, LLP

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Litigation

I’ve been handling business litigation for more than 25 years, now, and the most tenfingers.jpgfrustrating cases I’ve handled are the cases that never should have been. Litigation is costly and disruptive to a business. Litigation is sometimes necessary, and when there is litigation we fight aggressively for our clients. However, sometimes the best outcome is avoiding the need to litigate in the first place. Here are my observations of steps businesses might take to avoid the disruption, cost and risk that litigation represents.

The What, How and Why of Mediation

Learn more about our Business Litigation practice and attorneys If you or your business is ever involved in a lawsuit, there’s a good chance your attorney will talk to you about mediating your case. You may even be required to mediate before your case can go to trial. This article will discuss private mediation, but… Continue Reading »

Why it Can Pay to Be a Whistleblower

by: Melissa L. Stuart, Attorney Most people think of a referee in black and white stripes when they hear the term whistleblower, and thanks to Ralph Nader, that’s exactly where the term comes from. No longer considered a “snitch” or “informer,” whistleblowers who tell the state or federal government about dishonest, illegal, or fraudulent activities… Continue Reading »