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First Thing We Do Is Blame the Lawyers

By: David J. Cutshaw, Partner and Gabriel A. Hawkins, Partner Cohen & Malad, LLP has been involved in several what we call mass tort medical malpractice cases.  In essence, these cases involve situations where a doctor or surgeon has performed unnecessary procedures, not for the patient’s benefit, but for the benefit of the doctor’s pocketbook… Continue Reading »

FDA Partners with Online Patient Network to Gather Post-Market Drug Safety Data

By: Jeff S. Gibson, Attorney The FDA announced an agreement with PatientsLikeMe, an online database where patients share healthcare information and experiences, to analyze data and provide new insights into drug safety. This agreement was created with the intent to provide better post-market surveillance of drugs and medical devices and increase patient safety outcomes. The… Continue Reading »

What You Need to Know About Imported Food and the Food Safety Modernization Act

by: Jonathan Knoll, Attorney In previous blog articles, you have had the opportunity to learn how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) works to protect consumers from dangerous medical device and pharmaceutical products. But, did you know that the FDA’s focus is not only on protecting consumers from dangerous medical devices and drugs? In… Continue Reading »

Mass Torts v. Class Actions

by: Jeff S. Gibson, Attorney People generally assume that because someone is a lawyer, they must know about every area of law. While lawyers might have a basic understanding of multiple areas of law, asking a tax lawyer about class actions and mass torts, is the equivalent of asking a pediatrician about brain surgery. While… Continue Reading »

IIGA and Damages In Medical Negligence Actions (Part 2)

by:David B. Allen, Attorney In this second part of a two-part article, I will discuss issues surrounding the application of the Guaranty statute in medical malpractice cases. Conflict Between Guaranty Statute and Medical Malpractice Act IIGA’s refusal to pay medical specials is not the only problem for Plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases when the healthcare… Continue Reading »

IIGA and Damages In Medical Negligence Actions (Part 1)

by:David B. Allen, Attorney In this first of a two-part article regarding litigation issues involving the Indiana Insurance Guaranty Association (IIGA) and damages in medical negligence actions, I will provide background regarding the Guaranty Statute and issues with the IIGA’s interpretation of the statute. A future article will address this matter further and provide some… Continue Reading »