June 2012 - Cohen & Malad, LLP

So You’ve Been Sued, Now What?

by: Arend J. Abel, Attorney Receiving lawsuit papers can be a small business-person’s worst nightmare. What do you do, and what can you expect in the process? Here are a few tips, derived from my 25-plus years of helping businesses deal with suits against them. Hire the Right Lawyer It may seem obvious that the… Continue Reading »

Air Travelers with Disabilities: Guest Blog Post by Melissa L. Stuart

by: Melissa L. Stuart, Attorney Whether you travel for business or pleasure, air travel can certainly be stressful. For people with disabilities, air travel can be even more taxing. My newest article featured on the Friendship Circle’s blog entitled Air Travelers with Disabilities: Here are your rights offers detailed information about the Air Carrier Access… Continue Reading »

Dog Bite Liability and Litigation

by: Daniel M. Witte, Attorney Dogs live in over 46 million households according to a 2011 survey by the American Pet Products Association. Most dog owners believe that their pets are friendly and easy-going. But there are times when even the most docile dog may become unpredictable and could become the aggressor in a vicious… Continue Reading »