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Do Bigger Semi-Trucks Make Roads More Dangerous for Drivers?

By: Alexander C. Trueblood, Attorney It doesn’t take a deep dive into semi-truck accident statistics to learn that the sheer size and weight of these vehicles contributes to the devastating impact and severity of injuries suffered by occupants of passenger vehicles involved in a crash. According to Indiana State Police crash records, fatal injuries involving… Continue Reading »

What Effect Does Direct-To-Consumer Drug Advertising Have on Patient Safety?

By: Jeff S. Gibson, Attorney Consumers are bombarded daily by advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs via television commercials, magazine advertisements, banner ads displayed on their computers, and emails. How does this constant stream of information impact a person’s decision to seek medical advice or inquire about a particular drug? What impact, if any, do these advertisements… Continue Reading »

Indiana Supreme Court Reaffirms Separate Indiana Summary Judgment Standard

By: Arend J. Abel, Attorney Two and a half years ago, I wrote a blog article wondering whether a decision from the Court of Appeals signaled a change in Indiana’s summary judgment standard.  Now we have the answer.  In a unanimous decision in Hughley v. State, which Indiana’s Chief Justice Loretta Rush wrote, the Indiana… Continue Reading »