June 2014 - Cohen & Malad, LLP

Indiana Paternity Records Are Going Public

by: Julie Andrews, Attorney Most court proceedings and the related files are open to the public.  Only a handful of cases are shrouded in confidentiality.  The most common confidential cases are Guardianship cases, Adoptions, Protective Orders (the named Defendant is not confidential), Juvenile Proceedings and, until July 1st, Paternity cases. Paternity cases have historically been… Continue Reading »

Judge Opens Door to Same-Sex Marriage in Indiana: Happy Couples Rush Court House

Family Law On Wednesday, Federal Court Judge Richard Young ruled that the Indiana Code section defining marriage between a man and a woman was unconstitutional, allowing same-sex couples to be legally wed in Indiana. The rush to the court house immediately ensued.  As predicted, the Indiana Attorney General filed a motion to stay the ruling,… Continue Reading »