September 2012 - Cohen & Malad, LLP

Avoiding Uncontrollable Legal Fees with Alternative Fee Arrangements: Part I – Contingent Fees and Mixed Contingent Fees

by: Arend J. Abel, Attorney One of the biggest issues facing a business when hiring an attorney is not only the fact that legal fees are costly, but that they are also unpredictable. When an attorney is hired on an hourly basis, as most still are, the business person may have no idea what the… Continue Reading »

Time Is Money: The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Debt Collections

by: Melissa L. Stuart , Attorney You own a business-and unless that business is debt collection, you would probably like to focus your efforts on, well, your business. When customers or vendors owe you money, there are many ways to go about trying to collect: You could do it yourself, or hire an attorney or… Continue Reading »

Johnson & Johnson Faces Tough Scrutiny Over Marketing Practices for Drugs and Medical Devices

by: Jeff S. Gibson , Attorney Health care products giant Johnson & Johnson has made headlines recently due to a series of concerns and investigations into its marketing practices for drugs and medical devices. Johnson & Johnson disclosed to its shareholders in its most recent quarterly earnings report that a federal investigation is currently underway… Continue Reading »