January 2012 - Cohen & Malad, LLP

Divorce, Discovery and Social Media

by: Julie M. Andrews, Attorney As social media has started to seep into all facets of our everyday life, it is no surprise that messages and updates shared on Facebook, Twitter, and online dating sites have become increasingly important to the discovery process in a divorce proceeding. In fact, e-discovery has been a hot topic… Continue Reading »

Supreme Court Allows Emotional Distress Damages in Stillbirth Medical Malpractice Case

by:David Cutshaw, Attorney On December 13, the Indiana Supreme Court, in the case of Spangler v. Bechtel, determined that the parents of a fully developed fetus which was still-born may recover damages for emotional distress if the child was still-born as the result of medical malpractice. This emotional distress claim by both parents may be… Continue Reading »

Turning Your Judgment Into Cash

Learn more about our Business Litigation practice and attorneys In cases ranging from simple small-claims matters to large, complex commercial disputes, winning your case – that is, obtaining a judgment against your opponent – may prove to be just the first step in recovering your loss. You are now a judgment creditor: you have a… Continue Reading »