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Duragesic Fentanyl Patch

Duragesic Fentanyl Pain Patch Injury Lawyers


The FDA first approved the Duragesic pain patch in 1990. The Duragesic pain patch is an adhesive pain patch manufactured and sold by several manufacturers, including Johnson & Johnson. The Patch is applied to the skin and releases fentanyl, a pain medication, through the skin, to persons suffering from chronic and/or debilitating pain. It has also been used, off-label, for treatment of migraine headaches and for post-surgical pain relief. Since 1994, there have been five recalls of the patch due to a manufacturing defect that caused a leak in the patch, exposing millions of patients, their loved ones and caregivers to the toxic effects of fentanyl. The toxic effects of fentanyl can result in respiratory failure and in some cases, death.

In 2005, in response to the more than 100 deaths as a result of using the patch, the FDA ordered that manufacturers include a black-box warning in the label for the Duragesic patch to include the risk of accidental overdose and respiratory failure. In 2008, manufacturers recalled millions of Duragesic patches that had been prescribed to patients across the country as a result of the defect. In the wake of the recalls, lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of the patch. In the first few lawsuits that went to trial, the manufacturers paid more than $35 million to the families of persons who died as a result of being exposed to the fentanyl.

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