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All Terrain Vehicle Accidents

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All terrain vehicles go by a variety of names. Four-wheeler, quad, and ATV are other common names used for this type of vehicle often used for off-road travel. ATVs are motor vehicles with large tires, a low center of gravity, and use handlebars for steering. In the United States, ATVs are not street legal vehicles but are often used for a variety of agricultural and recreational purposes.

ATV accidents were responsible for an average of 750 deaths per year for the past five years according to . Roughly one-fifth of those deaths were children under the age of 16. Roll-over accidents are very common for ATVs and can lead to serious injury to the head and neck of the driver. Other types of accidents involve skidding and sliding due to the size and position of the wheels of the vehicle. ATV drivers who lose control of their vehicles can suffer fractures, spinal cord damage, or brain injury especially if a helmet is not worn.

In Indiana off-road ATV riding is a popular form of recreation. Safety should be exercised at all times by operators of these vehicles. It is important that riders receive training on how to properly operate ATVs and wear the appropriate safety equipment, including a helmet in order to protect themselves against serious injury.

Design Problems

ARCTIC CAT ATV Accidents: Arctic Cat has recalled several of its models due to several reports of bent steering tie-rods. These bent tie-rods can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle which can cause a crash. Indiana residents who have suffered an injury as a result of a crash involving an Arctic Cat ATV should report the incident to the manufacturer and consult a personal injury attorney to learn of their legal rights and options.

HONDA ATV Accidents
: Honda has recalled a number of its ATVs because of faulty joints and steering problems that were causing drivers to lose control and crash. If you have been injured in a Honda ATV accident in Indiana, our ATV attorneys may be able to help you recover.

: Polaris has recently redesigned its RZR ATV to provide a lower center of gravity to avoid roll–over. The company is also recalling many of its ATVs for defective fuel tanks. Such defects have caused many accidents in Indiana and surrounding states.

YAMAHA Rhino ATV Accidents: The Yamaha Rhino has been involved in litigation for design problems. Yamaha recently recalled and began a repair program to correct roll–over safety defects that have killed or injured numerous people.

YAMAHA Grizzly ATV Accidents: Yamaha has announced a recall of the Grizzly ATV due to reported problems with brake failure. Any Indiana accident involving a Yamaha Grizzly should be reviewed by a personal injury lawyer to determine if they have a case.

Your Rights

If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed as a result of an all terrain vehicle accident, contact us. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Cohen & Malad, LLP can provide you with a free initial consultation and can advise you of your legal rights and options. We will not collect our legal fees until you win your claim and receive your compensation for your injuries.