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Premises Liability Accidents

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Public places such as banks, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and bars all have a responsibility to provide a reasonably safe environment for their visitors and customers. Premises liability is an area of law that outlines the responsibility that a land owner has to protect the public from harm when they are on the property.

Slip and Fall Injuries

These can be common when there are crumbling curbs or steps in front of a business or public place. Uneven pavement or sidewalks can also cause visitors to stumble and fall. Loose doormats and torn or wrinkled carpet or rugs can also be a hazard for customers and visitors. Standing water can also cause a person to slip and fall which can result in serious injury. In the wintertime, snowy and icy walkways present a dangerous challenge for the public in visiting a place of business or public venue. Property owners need to take special care to clear walkways and clean up standing water and spills that could cause the public to slip and fall and injure themselves. By providing handrails next to staircases and ensuring the appropriate lighting is in place, a business can help provide a safe environment for the public.

Construction Accident Injuries

Construction accidents are another type of premises liability. Unsafe scaffoldings and ladders can lead to falls and severe injury. Industrial accidents that happen on production lines along with malfunctioning power tools and machinery all have the potential to seriously injure employees. A business and its management have a responsibility to keep its employees reasonably safe from harm by fixing damaged items and providing warnings of potential hazards.

Workplace injuries can occur anywhere–whether you work in an office building, restaurant, store, or school. Premises liability includes issues such as assaults that may happen in the workplace and injuries that may occur as the result of an employer being negligent in maintaining a building and its entrances and exits.

Suffering an injury on someone else’s property does not automatically mean that the landowner is as fault. Premises liability claims are complex and involve many variables. It is important that you seek legal advice from an Indiana attorney that has extensive knowledge and experience handling personal injury claims to determine the validity of your claim.

Your Rights

If you or someone you care about has been seriously injured in the workplace, construction site, or at a business, school, or apartment complex contact us. The Indianapolis premises liability attorneys at Cohen & Malad, LLP have helped clients with slip and fall or construction accident claims and who have suffered severe injuries due to the negligence of property owners. Your initial consultation is free and we will not collect any legal fees until you are paid for your claim. We can advise you of your legal rights and options and help you take your claim to court if necessary to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys will work hard to negotiate the maximum settlement and are prepared to take your case to court if negotiations break down. Let us give Power to Your Voice.