How Long Will It Take My Personal Injury Case to Settle? If you have been involved in a personal injury, caused by the negligence of another person or entity, you may be wondering how long it will take for your case to settle and for you to collect your settlement check. The answer to this question depends heavily on what type of personal injury you were involved in, whether you settle or go to court, and a myriad of additional facts that make your claim as unique as you. 

Regardless of the settlement timeline, the Cohen & Malad, LLP injury lawyers understand what a difficult time this is for you and your family. You are injured through no fault of your own, facing mounting medical bills and lost wages. It can feel as though you are all alone, with no place to turn. We can take the burden from you, fighting for your rights and ensuring you receive an equitable settlement that will fully cover all your damages related to the accident. 

Your claim will either be resolved via a negotiated settlement between your attorney and the at-fault party’s insurance company, or by a judge or jury during litigation. If the insurance company is willing to make a reasonable settlement offer you could see your claim resolved within a few weeks. If, on the other hand, the insurance company is not convinced your claim is a strong one—or believes your injuries are not as severe as you are claiming, settlement negotiations may take much longer. 

Should I accept a settlement to cover my medical bills? It is important that you never accept a settlement offer that will not fully cover all your losses. This is the reason you should never accept a quick offer by an insurance company. You may not be fully aware of the extent of your injuries for several weeks. If you settle quickly, then find out the accident was responsible for more severe injuries that will cost you money and keep you from working and making a living, you will not get a do-over. In other words, you will be stuck with the original settlement offer no matter how much your injuries end up costing. 

Insurance adjusters know this and will often pressure accident victims to take their first (low) offer, implying they might get nothing if they do not accept the lowball offer. This is yet another reason you need an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury lawyer by your side from beginning to end. Your injury lawyer will ensure your rights are protected and that the settlement you receive will fully cover all the damages you sustained from the accident. 

If your case goes to trial, you are looking at a much longer timeline. Our courts are clogged with cases, plus you are looking at a complex procedure. Your attorney will file your lawsuit, the defendant will be notified—and given time to respond—then preliminary hearings will be set. After preliminary hearings, you will be given a trial date. The discovery process will begin soon after the trial date is set, although your attorney, while negotiating a settlement, will have planned on the possibility of a trial from day one. A personal injury trial could potentially stretch into many months—or even more than a year. Those who need assistance paying for medical bills before a settlement is reached may consider a healthcare lien. 

Getting Help from Cohen & Malad, LLP

If you have been involved in a personal injury, the sooner you contact the Cohen & Malad, LLP personal injury attorneys, the quicker your claim will be resolved. We understand all the nuances associated with a personal injury and can help you get through this time in the best way possible. Do not wait, contact Cohen & Malad, LLP today!