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Ambulance Negligence

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Prompt Medical Transportation, Inc. offers emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation in northern Indiana including Lake County, Jasper County, and St. Joseph County among others. Area residents have become alarmed as increased media reports of incidents involving negligence related to the dispatch of emergency ambulance service and the quality of care provided by emergency medical technicians tell of patients who did not receive proper care and suffered severe injury or death.

Man dies after delayed 911 response

A Griffith family is left grieving after Kenneth Booker died due to delayed response from emergency medical responders. Booker called for an ambulance in October 2015 complaining of chest pains. It took the ambulance 47 minutes to respond to the call because the county emergency dispatcher sent responders to the wrong address. Ambulance workers who arrived at the wrong location contacted the Griffith Police Department for assistance in locating Mr. Booker’s address. Police were able to provide the correct address after a search of its database. Mr. Booker, however, did not survive the delay. The Lake County coroner’s office reported that Mr. Booker died of complications from coronary artery disease.

It was later determined by listening to recordings that Mr. Booker provided the correct address to the dispatcher who entered the wrong address into the system. Mr. Booker even placed a follow up call when help didn’t arrive. The dispatcher who received that call failed to clarify his address.

Man dies after 911 dispatch failed to respond to call for help

In June 2015, a Gary resident died after emergency medical responders failed to adequately respond to a call for help. Burt Sanders was doing maintenance work at a church when he experienced chest pains and called 911 for help around 2:00 a.m. When emergency medical technicians arrived on the scene, they were unable to enter the locked building. Medical technicians contacted emergency dispatch for instruction and were advised to disregard the call. The emergency medical technicians left the scene without locating or helping Mr. Sanders. This action is a breach of the standard of care that the ambulance service owed Mr. Sanders. By dispatching its ambulance in response to Mr. Sanders’ 911 call, Prompt Medical Transportation, Inc., had a duty to care for and treat Mr, Sanders until his condition was stabilized or he was transferred to the care of another healthcare provider. Mr. Sanders’ body was found by a relative the following morning around 10 a.m. It was later determined that Mr. Sanders died due to complications from congestive heart failure.

Patients suffer serious injuries by medical personnel providing non-emergency transportation

Residents of several northern Indiana counties have filed lawsuits against Prompt Medical Transportation, Inc. due to injuries they sustained while being transported between their homes and medical facilities. Dialysis patients who used Prompt Medical Transportation, Inc. to take them to and from appointments suffered injuries after personnel failed to provide adequate safe transport. Personnel failed to properly secure patients to gurneys and wheelchairs allowing these patients to fall on concrete surfaces. Patients suffered broken bones, lacerations, and in some situations death. Other patients who used Prompt Medical Transportation, Inc. for non-emergency transport also suffered similar injuries and filed lawsuits.

Ambulance negligence lawsuits

When you call 911 for assistance, you put your life and trust in the hands of the people who answer the call and come to your aid. When your life is at stake, every second counts. When first responders fail to provide reasonable care by not arriving at the scene promptly or lack the proper equipment or skills to help once they get there, or allow you to fall as they are securing you in a wheelchair or gurney or you are dropped during transport, these acts constitute negligence and justify an award to compensate you for the damages they have caused.  If you or someone you care about was seriously injured or died as a result of the negligence of a first responder —contact us. Our personal injury attorneys can provide you with a free case evaluation and advise you of your legal rights and options.