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Hyponatremia / Respiratory Distress / Wrongful Death of 5 Year Old Child

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Medical professionals are trained to recognize signs and symptoms of illnesses. When an error is made and a physician or healthcare professional fails to determine that a symptom or ailment is present, the result can be life-altering for the patient.

Hyponatremia is very serious medical condition if left untreated, can cause death. Hyponetremia is also known as low sodium in the blood. Sodium performs a very important function in the overall health of a body. Sodium regulates the total amount of water in the body. It also helps to conduct the electrical signals that flow throughout the body that regulate organs such as the heart, brain, and nervous system. If there is not enough sodium in the blood, cells and organs may malfunction with fatal consequences.

Symptoms of hyponatremia vary but primarily include nausea, muscle cramps, confusion, and slurred speech. More serious symptoms may occur if the hyponatremia is not diagnosed and treated including brain edema, or swelling, seizures, and possibly coma.

The treatment for hyponatremia entails limiting the patient’s water intake and administering an intravenous sodium replacement to stabilize the sodium level of the blood. Hyponatremia can be reversed if diagnosed and treated in a timely fashion. If a doctor fails to recognize the symptoms and diagnose the condition, the patient’s health will deteriorate as swelling and pressure in the brain effect motor functions, which can be fatal.

Hyponatremia Medical Malpractice Claim

A five-year old boy presented to the hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, for an outpatient cleft palate surgery. The boy died two days later. During the investigation it was found that hospital employees failed to recognize signs of hyponatremia and respiratory distress in the patient and discharged him. This condition resulted in herniation, or severe swelling of the brain, which led to his death. Case settled for significant amount.

Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical personnel are trained to recognize symptoms of various ailments so that a proper diagnosis can be given. When a doctor fails to diagnose or treat a condition the result can have a serious impact on the patient such as permanent injury or death. If you or someone you care about suffered a serious injury as a result of a doctor’s failure to treat a medical condition such as hyponatremia, contact us. Our experienced Indianapolis medical malpractice attorneys can discuss your Indiana medical malpractice claim with you and inform you of your legal rights and options.

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