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Failure to Diagnose Bladder Cancer/ Hematuria

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Cancer is a deadly disease that touches the lives of millions of people every year. Early detection and diagnosis of cancer often leads to a more favorable prognosis for the patient. When a doctor makes an error and fails to diagnose cancer in a patient the result can be devastating.

While the exact cause of bladder cancer is unknown, the medical community has identified some possible contributing factors to the development of the disease. Cigarette smoking is considered to be a contributing factor to bladder cancer. Up to half of the bladder cancers that are diagnosed in men have been linked to cigarette smoke. Exposure to certain chemicals in the dye industry is also believed to carry an increased risk for developing bladder cancer. Soldiers serving in Vietnam who were exposed to Agent Orange have a high incidence of bladder cancer.

The symptoms of bladder cancer are blood in the urine, also known as hematuria, pain or burning during urination without the evidence of a urinary tract infection, change in bladder habits—urinating more or less frequently than normal. These symptoms have also been linked to other ailments but should not be ignored as indicators of the presence of bladder cancer.

Doctors who suspect, or wish to rule out the possibility of bladder cancer, will order screening tests for their patients. These cancer screening tests include medical interview, physical examination, urinalysis, urine cytology, and cystoscopy. Other tests could include a CT scan or biopsy.

Bladder cancer treatment options vary based on the demographics of the patient as well as the stage of the cancer. Like most cancers, the success of treatment for bladder cancer depends on the early detection and treatment of the disease.

Failure to Diagnose Bladder Cancer Claim

Cohen & Malad represented a middle-aged male patient who complained of blood in his urine to his family doctor in Indianapolis, Indiana, for three years. The family doctor diagnosed prostatitis (prostate problems) even though hematuria, or blood in the urine, is one of the most predominate signs of bladder cancer. The patient should have been referred to a urologist upon the first sign of blood in the urine for further testing and diagnosis. The patient finally presented to an ER with significant hematuria and an 8.5 cm bladder tumor was discovered– about the size of a softball. The patient’s bladder, prostate, kidney and ureter had to be surgically removed. The patient also had to undergo urinary diversion/reconstruction surgery. Case settled for maximum amount permitted by law.

As a side note, the doctor was found to have altered his medical records and his name was referred to the Medical Licensing Board for review.

Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A physician’s failure to diagnose bladder cancer is a very serious medical malpractice claim. If you or someone you care about was treated by a doctor who failed to diagnose bladder cancer and suffered a serious injury as a result, contact our office. Our Indianapolis medical negligence lawyers are experienced in Indiana medical malpractice law and have litigated cases originating from South Bend, Evansville, Lafayette, Bloomington, Muncie, Anderson, and all across the state. There is no fee for the initial consultation, and we do not collect our fees until you get your compensation. Cohen & Malad, LLP has earned a well-respected reputation as a tough litigation firm in the courtroom and during negotiations and can bring Power to Your Voice.