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Delayed Diagnosis / Acute Appendicitis

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When a physician fails to interpret symptoms of an ailment in a timely fashion, the effects can be devastating for a patient. Time is of the essence in medical care and delays in action can change a situation from routine to tragic in a matter of minutes.

Acute appendicitis, or inflammation of the appendix, is a common and extremely serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. The appendix is a small pouch-like structure located near the area where the small and large intestine meet. If food or another substance becomes lodged in the appendix, it can become irritated. This irritation can turn into inflammation and can progress to an infection as bacteria can quickly grow under these conditions.

Symptoms of acute appendicitis include pain and tenderness in the lower right abdomen where the appendix is located. Fever, loss of appetite, constipation, and vomiting may also be experienced.

Once appendicitis, or inflammation of the appendix, is diagnosed prompt treatment is paramount to avoid serious health risks. Surgery is required to remove the appendix. If the appendix ruptures before it can be removed, the bacteria present in the appendix can affect the surrounding tissue. Life-threatening complications such as peritonitis, sepsis, and shock can develop from a ruptured appendix.

If diagnosed and treated early, the recovery time for a patient suffering from acute appendicitis can be quick and may only result in a few days of hospitalization. However, delay in diagnosis of acute appendicitis can not only make the recovery time longer, it can also expose the patient to severe illness. The effects of a delay in diagnosis can last a lifetime as important biological functions may be impaired permanently. Internal scarring from the infections can lead to bowel obstructions. Death can even result if the diagnosis is not made in a timely fashion, the appendix could burst and the patient could die before surgery could be performed.

Delayed Diagnosis Medical Malpractice Claim

A thirteen year old boy presented to his family doctor in Portland, Indiana, with severe lower abdominal pain along with several other signs and symptoms of appendicitis. The family doctor saw the patient on two occasions over a five day period during this illness but failed to consider appendicitis as the cause. The boy’s appendix ruptured resulting in peritonitis, a severe infection within the abdomen. This required prolonged hospitalization. In addition to the infection, the boy also suffered increased adhesions, or internal scarring, which carries with it an increased risk for future bowel obstructions. Case settled.

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