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It’s all about choices. The decision to add to your family via adoption is as important to our Indianapolis family law attorneys as it is to you. We help people form families through the legal process of adoption.

Open Adoption v. Closed Adoption

There is a significant difference between an open adoption and a private adoption. An open adoption involves the exchange of personal information between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. This type of adoption may also involve the exchange of letters and pictures between the two parties. A closed adoption does not allow for the birth parents and adoptive parents to meet or exchange information about themselves or about the child as it grows up. However, closed adoptions may allow for the birth parents to provide medical history information without providing identifying information. Closed adoptions are usually handled by an agency. Of course, there are also adoptions that fall somewhere between these two options and allow for some information to be exchanged between the two parties. Regardless of the type of adoption arrangement you are interested in pursuing, a knowledgeable family law lawyer can advise you of your legal rights and options.

Stepchild Adoption

There are instances when your new spouse may want to formalize the parenting relationship and seek adoption of your child(ren) from a previous relationship or marriage. The legal process of adoption severs all responsibilities—financial and otherwise of the former parent and transfers them to the adoptive parent. If you are interested in adopting your stepchild be sure to speak with an experienced Indianapolis family law attorney to understand your legal rights and options.

Adult Adoption

In addition to child adoptions, our attorneys can also handle adult adoptions. Adult adoptions are legal relationships that are created for specific reasons such as long-term care in the event that a person becomes dependent on another for assistance or inheritance.

The process of adoption can have a strong impact on your family. Make sure that you seek an experienced Indianapolis adoption lawyer to help you through the process. In Indiana, adoption can take place by direct private placement or a licensed private or public agency. If you are choosing to formalize a relationship through adoption, contact our Indianapolis family law attorneys to learn more about your legal options.