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The rules and regulations that govern health care and insurance can be confusing. Consumers spend their hard earned money for coverage with the expectation that their needs will be met when the time comes.

Imagine having your insurance claim denied by your provider without explanation or warning. Or worse, what would you do if your premiums were unjustly increased or if you did not receive the discounted rate that your provider stated they would charge you? These are both examples of a bad faith insurance dispute.

One notable health care lawsuit that our attorneys handled involved a health care trust that was established to pay benefits to over 8,000 Hoosiers. The trust became insolvent as a result of some negligence by management and was not able to pay approximately $18 million in claims for healthcare services owed by over 8200 Hoosiers. The Indianapolis healthcare class action attorneys at Cohen & Malad,LLP brought a lawsuit that recovered approximately 90% of those funds.

Another health care class action involved an insurer that improperly denied benefits for diabetes-related health care services and supplies. That lawsuit resulted in coverage for the insureds suffering from diabetes.

When the rights of many people are impacted by an insurance provider that fails to pay claims, alters the terms of coverage without notice, or overcharges its members, a class action can help recover damages for consumers who have been wronged. If you have been involved in a health care or insurance related dispute and would like to learn about your legal options, contact our office by calling 317-636-6481 or submit your information on our website and a class action attorney will contact you to discuss your situation.

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