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Trade Secrets, Antitrust, and Unfair Competition

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Unfair Competition, Antitrust, and Trade Secrets


Trade secrets are a key component to a business’ competitive advantage. The sensitive nature of production or service delivery methods can be the difference between earning a profit or a loss. When industries are poised for growth and reward innovation, employee turnover can lead to unintentional sharing of trade secrets with competitors.

A business can protect itself from risk by implementing non-disclosure agreements along with non-competition agreements in employment contracts. A business needs to be ready to take action if these agreements are violated. Having an experienced Indianapolis business law attorney on your side can help protect your business against losses related to disclosure of trade secrets. Our business litigation lawyers can identify ways to better safeguard important business information and be ready to litigate any violations that occur. Contact us to learn more about your legal rights and options regarding trade secrets, antitrust, and unfair competition issues.