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Insurance Coverage

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Insurance is intended to protect a business from financial harm in the event of an accident or negligence. It is important for a business to obtain an appropriate amount of coverage based on its unique needs and situation.

Small business owners and large corporations both have unique needs when it comes to insurance coverage. Policies covering errors & omissions, loss of business income, equipment breakdowns, loss of use, and workers compensation are just a few examples of insurance policies that can protect a business against financial loss.

If disputes arise, our attorneys can help a business file a claim and negotiate with the insurance carrier. When an insurance carrier denies a valid claim, defends under a reservation of rights, or fails to pay the proper value of a claim, a business is put at risk. Insurance bad faith is the legal term used to describe these acts. Our Indianapolis business litigation attorneys have helped numerous business and individual policy holders with insurance bad faith claims.

Hiring the right attorney for the right job can have a strong impact on a business’ ability to mitigate risk and maintain a focus on profitability and growth. Our Indiana business litigation practice is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes in a variety of insurance coverage matters ranging from seeking appropriate coverage to litigating claims on behalf of the business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you protect your business.