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Devoting time, training, and money into human capital –your employees– is one of the best investments a business can make for its growth and profitability. Volumes of books have been written covering topics like leadership, employee motivation, and team building to help businesses get the most return out of this investment.

Contract and Employment Policy Issues

Part of creating a solid team and protecting your investment in human capital includes the use of employment contracts. These contracts, along with state and federal laws, serve to protect the rights of employees as well as employers.

These contracts may contain non-competition or non-solicitation clauses that protect an employer in the event that an employee seeks employment elsewhere and attempts to leverage existing customer relationships at their new employer (i.e., use customer lists to solicit your clients/customers). These agreements may contain restrictions for a specific time frame or geographic location. Making your non-competition agreement too broad or restrictive may affect its enforceability. If your business uses or is considering the use of non-competition or non-solicitation contracts to protect your competitive advantage, our employment lawyers can help by reviewing or drafting your agreement and advise you of any potential issues.

Discipline and Termination Issues

Having the right people on your team is essential to your success as a business owner. When an employee does not meet expectations, it becomes necessary to discipline them or maybe terminate their employment so you can hire someone with the appropriate skill set. Regardless of how carefully you or your human resources professional conduct employment actions, it is still possible for wrongful termination and progressive discipline actions to become the subject of a dispute. If that happens, you need an Indianapolis employment lawyer who can help you through the details of labor and employment law disputes at the negotiation table and the courtroom. Our Indiana business litigation attorneys have helped business owners with a variety of employment disputes and can represent your interests in contested matters.

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