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Construction Disputes

Indianapolis, IN Construction Project Lawyers


Construction projects involve a diverse group of people. Developers, land owners, designers, contractors, and lenders are just a few examples of the parties involved in business construction projects. With so many resources involved, the opportunity for disputes increases.

Mechanics’ liens can occur when contractors are not paid for the work they complete on a project. If a business fails to make timely payments for labor and materials, mechanics’ liens can become a serious issue for a business owner to handle. Our experienced Indianapolis business litigation lawyers can provide legal advice and representation in these matters. If a subcontractor places a mechanics’ lien on business property improperly, this issue will have to be addressed quickly to avoid loan covenant issues and clear title to business property.

Construction defects or delays can cost a business owner in many ways. Due to the nature of construction, one small delay in a project can have a serious impact on the entire job. If a construction defect is serious in nature, the whole project may be a loss. We can help you resolve legal issues related to construction defects and delays.

The business law attorneys at Cohen & Malad know construction law and can advise you on construction related matters. When disputes occur, we can represent your interests in negotiation and litigation when necessary. Give Power to Your Voice. Learn about your legal options from an experienced Indianapolis construction dispute attorney by calling (317) 636-6481 today or filling out our free, no-obligation online contact form.