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Bankruptcy exists as a means of relief for a business or individual that is struggling to repay outstanding debts.  Bankruptcy law and Bankruptcy Courts are established under federal law. When a business or individual files a voluntary bankruptcy petition, creditors and other parties are automatically stayed from pursuing claims outside of the Bankruptcy Court.

Our Indiana business bankruptcy lawyers primarily focused on representing parties in Chapter 11 business bankruptcy matters as well as individuals with complex Indiana Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy needs. If you have a troubled business that is struggling to keep up with obligations, are a creditor seeking repayment or an individual with complex assets, we can help you through the process of a business bankruptcy or personal bankruptcy case in Indiana pursuant to Bankruptcy Code. We have extensive experience representing both creditors and debtors confronted within these issues:

Creditor’s Rights

Financial institutions, landlords, investors and others who lend funds to fuel a business are entitled to certain rights as creditors. When a business files for bankruptcy protection, it is imperative to hire a knowledgeable business bankruptcy lawyer to protect the creditor’s right for repayment of the obligation. An Indianapolis business bankruptcy attorney can represent secured as well as unsecured creditors in a Chapter 11 proceeding. He can also represent a Creditor’s Committee, Trustee or Examiner appointed by the Bankruptcy Court in a pending case.  Potential clients include:

  • Secured Creditors
  • Creditors
  • Debtors (Distressed Businesses)
  • Trustees / Examiners
  • Creditor Committees
  • Financial Institutions
  • Landlords
  • Equipment Lessors
  • Equity Holders
  • Employees
  • Purchasers
  • Utilities
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Franchisors
  • Liquidators
  • Suppliers
  • Vendors
  • Contractors
  • DIP Lenders

Bankruptcy Litigation

The federal Bankruptcy Code is quite complex and is frequently amended by Congress. If you are facing bankruptcy litigation issues, you need an attorney that has a detailed knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code. George W. Hopper is an Indianapolis business bankruptcy attorney and leads our firm’s business bankruptcy practice and has over 30 years of experience representing creditors and debtors in commercial bankruptcy proceedings. He regularly writes for and speaks at professional seminars as well as financial institutions on a variety of the bankruptcy topics that he litigates. Contact us to discuss issues related to bankruptcy litigation such as:

  • Avoidance Actions
  • Preference Actions
  • Subordination Actions
  • Cash Use Motions
  • Involuntary Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Proposed Asset Sales
  • Stay Relief Motions
  • Assumption or Rejection of Leases
  • Turnover Actions
  • Objections to Discharge
  • Non-dischargeable Debts
  • Contested Confirmation of Plans and Cram Down
  • Proofs of Claim
  • Objections to Claims

We can help you keep your business running while solving issues related to your creditors and repayment of debts. We can also help secured creditors preserve their collateral and receive adequate protection payments during the course of a bankruptcy case.