A Merrillville, Indiana jury returned a verdict in favor of William Stahl for $390,000 on April 20, 2012, against former ENT physician Dr. Mark S. Weinberger. This case was heard in Lake Superior Court, sitting in Crown Point, before the Honorable Judge Pera. Mr. Stahl, a northwestern Indiana gelcoat mixer operator, went to Weinberger for treatment of his headaches and sinuses after he saw one of Weinberger’s newspaper ads advertising for the “Nose Doctor”.

TheTimes in northwestern Indiana spoke to David Cutshaw, Partner at Cohen & Malad, LLP about this verdict as well as the additional civil and criminal charges filed against Weinberger. Weinberger is facing more than 350 civil lawsuits and also is awaiting trial Aug. 13 on 22 criminal counts of insurance fraud. Read the Times interview for more information about this verdict and the pending trials.