MUNCIE, IN (March 16, 2015)- A Muncie, Indiana jury found in favor of an Anderson woman who suffered a severe permanent balance injury after doctors at Ball Memorial Hospital over-prescribed the antibiotic Gentamicin to treat an abdominal infection. After receiving the overdose of antibiotics, the woman presented to the hospital with complaints of dizziness, loss of balance, unsteady gait, and vomiting.

The jury awarded $1,776,110 in damages to the woman who received nine times the amount of the drug that was necessary to treat her infection, essentially enough medication to treat a 1,300 pound person. The overdose of Gentamicin caused severe damage in her inner ear which resulted in permanent hearing and balance problems.

“Our client’s balance system was destroyed according to expert medical testimony and she will have to live with balance issues for the rest of her life. We are pleased that the jury returned this verdict as our client will need care for this injury for the rest of her life,” said David Cutshaw of Cohen & Malad, LLP.


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