On June 14, 2022, California State Court Judge Andrew Y.S. Cheng denied a motion for summary judgment by Gilead Sciences effectively clearing a path to justice for patients injured by certain TDF-based drugs made by Gilead to treat HIV, for the prevention of HIV transmission (PrEP) and treatment for Hepatitis. This decision involves thousands of lawsuits in a Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding (JCCP) in the California Superior Court for San Francisco County.

Lawsuits filed by injured patients claim Gilead Sciences knowingly withheld a safer drug alternative to TDF-based drugs Truvada, Atripla, Stribild, Complera and Viread from the market to maximize profits. Patients prescribed those antiretroviral drugs suffered serious personal injuries including chronic kidney disease, renal failure, bone loss- including tooth loss, softening of the bones and severe bone fractures. This recent decision allows claims to move forward through courts.

Cohen & Malad, LLP attorneys are representing people who were prescribed Truvada, Atripla, Stribild, Complera or Viread and suffered serious injuries. “This is a major win for plaintiffs and a huge step forward in obtaining justice for those harmed by Gilead’s conduct,” stated partner Ned Mulligan who serves on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and is the Co-Chair of Discovery.

Cohen & Malad, LLP attorneys have built a reputation as tough opponents in the courtroom and have a depth of experience in litigating claims for people who have been injured by dangerous drugs and medical devices. Contact us for a free case evaluation if you were prescribed TDF-based drugs manufactured by Gilead Sciences including Truvada, Atripla, Stribild, Viread or Complera and suffered a serious injury.