Cohen & Malad, LLP filed a lawsuit against Damar Services, Inc. on behalf of a child who was sexually abused by an employee of the corporation. The sexual assault occurred several times over the course of many months while the child was receiving care from Damar Services, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that Damar Services, Inc. was negligent in hiring the employee, who admitted to the molestation charges, by not performing proper background checks and providing proper training, education and supervision.

Damar Services, Inc. advertises that its mission is to “Build better futures for children and adults facing some of life’s greatest intellectual, development, and behavioral changes”. It offers programs and services to children diagnosed with autism, spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities and behavioral issues through residential and day treatment programs as well as the Damar Charter Academy and Damar Academy.

“The fact that Damar not only hired this woman apparently without proper screening or providing necessary training and supervision, but allowed her to be in regular contact with these vulnerable children is troubling,” said Dan Chamberlain of Cohen & Malad, LLP.