On May 9, 2012, the Superior Court of Marion County certified a nationwide class of truck drivers in a class action lawsuit brought by Cohen & Malad, LLP against Trailer Transit, Inc. which seeks to collect payments owed to the drivers. Trailer Transit arranges for deliveries by independent owner operators under a form contract that provides for the drivers to receive 71% of the gross revenues from the deliveries, and allows Trailer Transit to retain 29% of the gross revenues for arranging the deliveries. The lawsuit, brought by Hubert “Gene” Walker, one of Trailer Transit’s former drivers, alleges that Trailer Transit received additional gross revenues from customers for various charges which Trailer Transit adds to the deliveries but did not share with the drivers. In one example, the amount owed to Mr. Walker on a single delivery exceeds $1000. The class consists of hundreds of drivers who performed deliveries over the last ten years. The Court appointed Mr. Walker as the representative of the class, and appointed Cohen & Malad, LLP as Class Counsel.

Questions about the lawsuit may be directed to Richard Shevitz or Vess Miller at Cohen & Malad, LLP (317) 636-6481.