Marion Superior Court Judge Heather Welch has granted class certification for Hoosier drivers in an actionseeking to recover over thirty million dollars in overcharges collected by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Cohen & Malad, LLP filed the class action against the Indiana BMV in March of this year after determining the agency has been overcharging Hoosiers for drivers’ licenses since 2007. The complaint states that Indiana residents, under the age of 75, who purchased a drivers’ license in Indiana may have been overcharged as much as $7 per license.

“The certification of this class means the lawsuit can move forward. We intend to save taxpayer money by moving the case quickly and resolving this lawsuit by the end of the year. Hoosiers deserve to get their money back and we’re going to work hard to make that happen,” said Irwin Levin of Cohen & Malad, LLP.

There are over four million active drivers’ licenses issued in the state of Indiana. The class of affected individuals includes Indiana residents, under the age of 75, who purchased or renewed a drivers’ license from 2007 to the present.

Levin also spoke with the Indianapolis Star regarding this case.