Almost 14,000 consumers are still seeking answers from BP regarding the damages caused by its defective gas. Consumers who have contacted BP’s customer claims response center have not been told what kinds of things the company will pay for such as specific repairs recommended by mechanics, rental car fees, towing, or time taken off work to schedule repairs. Instead, these people have been issued claim numbers and have been instructed to send receipts and documentation to BP for processing.

Consumers are angry that they have not been given any information regarding how long the claims process will take. Many of the consumers who have contacted Cohen & Malad, LLP also complain that BP has not returned their calls, and they are left wondering if they will be compensated at all. Reports of responses from the BP claims people reflect widely divergent information.  Some claimants have even been told to submit the claims to their own automobile insurance carriers or that they must take their cars to specified dealers who won’t release the cars until BP pays the dealer for repairs.

Phil and Cindy, who live in northwest Indiana, filled up two cars with the contaminated gas. One of the affected vehicles is a 2010 Chrysler 300 they bought 10 days prior buying the gas. Phil has been unable to drive his new car and was given an estimate of $830 for repairs. Repairs for the other car are estimated to be $802. Phil said that he contacted BP on August 22nd, was given a fax number to send in his claim, and was told that an adjuster would contact him. Phil has never received a call back from BP and said that the fax number that he was given was not in service. Frustrated, Phil made multiple calls to BP and was told that someone would get back to him . On September 10th, Phil was given a different fax number along with two new claims numbers and advised to send in his paperwork. When he asked for a timeframe  of when he could expect a check, the BP representative told him they would process it as soon as possible and couldn’t provide a date.

“It’s been almost a month since BP issued a recall for the contaminated gas it sold and over 80% of the people who have filed claims still have not been paid. What’s worse is that they have no idea what they will actually be paid for and when they might see any money”, said Irwin Levin of Cohen & Malad, LLP, a lawyer who has filed a class actoin on behalf of BP  gas purchasers in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Consumers who would like more information about the class action lawsuit should call Cohen & Malad, LLP at 1-866-446-7478.