The Bureau of Motor Vehicles refused a request by attorneys for over 4 million Indiana drivers that it immediately pay into court more than $30 million to affected Hoosiers through court supervised proceedings. The request was made in open court at a status conference before Judge Heather Welch.

The BMV admitted to overcharging for Indiana drivers licenses and only recently lowered its fees $3.50 in response to the lawsuit that was filed in March of this year.  However, the agency refuses to commit to repay these overcharges through the court and continues to overcharge Hoosiers under the age of 75 for Indiana driver’s licenses.

Class counsel contends that even though the BMV lowered its fees, it is still overcharging Hoosiers as much as $2.50 on some operator’s licenses.  More than 4 million Hoosier drivers have been overcharged more than $30 million according to Class Counsel.

“How long will the BMV and the State play games with Hoosiers’ hard earned money?  First, they secretly overcharge us for more than 6 years.  Then, after wrongfully taking some $30 to $40 million dollars, they want to prolong the court proceedings, hold the money and not pay interest.  And they sure don’t want it done with the transparency state officials promised,” stated Irwin Levin of Cohen & Malad, LLP.

Judge Heather Welch has set another hearing for July 25.