Cohen & Malad, LLP filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Illinois residents against Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company for failing to pay auto insurance premium refunds the company promised to safe drivers. Sentry’s Payback® insurance policies provided that if an insured remained claim free for five years, Sentry would “payback” half of the insured’s first year premium. The Payback® policies also promised refunds for each claim-free year after the five year period. The lawsuit alleges that Sentry exited the personal auto insurance market and failed to pay claim-free drivers the Payback® premium refunds it owed.

This lawsuit seeks to recover damages for Illinois drivers who purchased auto insurance through Sentry Insurance and were not paid the Payback® premium refund. If you are an Illinois resident and purchased an auto insurance policy from Sentry Insurance under the Payback Program, contact one of our class action attorneys to discuss your legal rights.