Since July 2022, four shootings have occurred on mall properties in and around Indianapolis, including two at the Greenwood Park Mall and two at the Castleton Square Mall. These shootings have resulted in fatalities and injuries. Public shootings are a serious security threat that should not be taken lightly. Shopping centers and malls are busy places that are targeted by mass shooters. Visitors to a mall or shopping center have the right to expect a certain level of security while on the premises. Property owners are obligated to take adequate measures to prevent crimes and other security threats.

If a shopping center fails to take these measures and keep customers safe, the owner could be liable for any damages patrons suffer due to an attack. It is crucial that victims of these mall shootings pursue legal guidance to help reduce the financial burdens they may face as a result of these tragic incidents.

Cohen & Malad, LLP attorney and personal injury chair, Greg Laker, states, “We know mass shooters are more and more frequently targeting soft targets like malls and places of worship. Given the recent rash of shootings at our local malls, significant steps need to be taken to enhance security so as to prevent further deaths and catastrophic injuries.”

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The two Indianapolis malls in question have claimed to be ramping up their security protocols, including the use of security cameras, smart cameras, onsite security guards and police officers, and more. However, these instances of violence continue to occur, indicating that more could be done to protect visitors.

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