Cohen & Malad, LLP filed a lawsuit against Porter Funeral Home in Tipton, Indiana, on behalf of a family who claims the funeral home failed to properly store the body of their deceased loved one and failed to issue a death certificate. Authorities inspected Porter Funeral Home in June 2019 and found several violations. Funeral director Kevin Porter had an expired funeral director’s license. Records show he failed to renew his license when it expired in December 2018. Porter also failed to issue death certificates for 11 decedents. Lastly, authorities obtained a warrant and searched the premises and found four bodies at the funeral home that were in a non-refrigerated area. Kevin Porter killed himself shortly after the investigation was launched.

Dan Chamberlain, partner and personal injury attorney, spoke to the media in June about this investigation into Porter Funeral Home. He discusses how this negligence impacts families.

If you have a loved one whose funeral and burial was conducted by Porter Funeral Home in Tipton, Indiana and would like more information about this lawsuit and your legal rights and options, contact us.