Cohen & Malad, LLP attorneys are investigating concerns over the effectiveness of HSBC Bank’s Voice ID system. The Voice ID feature requires the customer to speak the sentence “My voice is my password” in order to gain access to their bank account information. However, this service has been proven to be faulty. A reporter in the United Kingdom experienced a system failure first-hand when the Voice ID feature incorrectly identified his brother’s voice as his own and allowed his brother account access. This is just one example of this technology not working properly. One expert stated this technology could also deny account access to customers if the software fails to recognize their voice and suggested more work should be done.

I’ve had problems with HSBC’s Voice ID

If you or someone you know is a customer of HSBC bank and have experienced security issues or problems accessing your account using the Voice ID system, contact us. Our class action attorneys would like to collect information regarding your transaction and can advise you of your legal rights and options. Our class action attorneys have helped tens of thousands of people recover economic losses in consumer protection lawsuits against banks and financial institutions.