Local news outlet WRTV has picked up coverage of a local daycare worker that is facing 19 counts of felony domestic battery.

On March 16, 2023 employee Molly Taxter was arrested after the parent of a toddler found a bruise and swelling in the shape of an adult handprint on her toddler’s leg. Videotapes from the daycare center reportedly show Taxter physically abusing not only this particular child but a number of other toddlers in her care. As a result, the Fishers Police Department has set up a hotline for parents to call if they believe their child was also harmed at the Kiddie Academy. That hotline number is 317-595-3317. The videos captured images of Taxter roughly picking up children by their arms, slamming a child down onto a diapering table, pounding a child on the back, and waking a child from a nap by kicking a cot, among other forms of abuse. Attorneys Greg Laker, Justin Kuhn, and Andi Simmons are assisting the parents of these children. It goes without saying that children deserve caregivers who treat them with care and respect. Any sort of physical assault by caregivers can never be tolerated. If you or someone you know knows of a child who has been abused at the Kiddie Academy of Fishers, or at any other daycare center, we offer a free consultation to help parents understand their legal options and rights.

We recognize that you may feel overburdened and emotionally taxed by this situation, which is why we are dedicated to offering you supportive and individualized legal advice. You don’t have to face this challenging period by yourself. For a free initial consultation, don’t be afraid to call us at (317) 636-6481. Together, we can work to make sure those responsible are held accountable, and that your family receives the proper compensation and justice it deserves.