Over 40 children have come forward to report sexual abuse perpetrated by employees at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health facilities. Devereux is a non-profit residential care facility specializing in care for children with intellectual disabilities, mental disorders, and trauma with facilities located in thirteen states. An investigation by the Philadelphia Inquirer uncovered numerous reports of sexual abuse spanning over two decades at Devereux facilities located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, New York and Arizona. Court records documented instances of management failing to act on warning signs of potential sexual abuse as well as a lack of supervision contributing to the sexual abuse according to former staff members of several Devereux facilities.

If you or someone you know was sexually abused at a Devereux residential facility, contact us. Our sexual abuse team has years of experience fighting for survivors of sexual abuse and can advise you of your legal rights and options. We have represented people abused at residential care facilities similar to Devereux. Visit our dedicated website Support For Survivors for additional resources including our podcast created to raise awareness, gather support and end sexual abuse.

** UPDATE ** Lawsuit filed October 5, 2020 in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas by 12 women and one man who claim they were sexually abused as minors at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health facilities **